World Of Warcraft Wedding – EPIC Wedding!

Epic weapons, Alliance and Horde flags placed at the altar, tables named after raid bosses, and a loot table were all part of what could be the most EPIC wedding ever!

Jen and Nick are a recently married couple that love World of Warcraft so much they made Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG the theme for their marriage. The peculiar bride-to-be shared photos of Jen and Nick’s Warcraft-themed wedding via The Huffington Post this week and it sure looks awesome.

Jen And Nick World of Warcraft themed wedding

Jen And Nick World of Warcraft themed wedding

The now husband and wife did not meet in World of Warcraft , yet that’s exactly where their relationship blossomed, Jen published on the website .

“He lived in New Hampshire during the time , and I was in Massachusetts , but we could talk through the game and grow together ,” she explained . “So the game became part of the wedding theme , since it was so integral to our relationship . We aimed for a balance between nerd and tradition .”

The wedding wasn’t just about Warcraft because Jen’s processional music was the Game of Thrones theme and the after-party featured “Terra’s Theme” from Final Fantasy. Another fun fact is when Jen and Nick presented one another with rings at the altar , the “Get Item” audio from The Legend of Zelda played.

Gratz to Jen and Nick! This  looks like the MOST EPIC WEDDING EVER!

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