Swifty’s Gaming House 2.0 Preview


Things are looking pretty good at Swifty’s new gaming house… actually forget house it should be called gaming MANSION!

In case you didn’t know a video was released today in his IRL channel showcasing his new crib and boy this is gotta be every gamer’s dream. The place is empty while some renovation is done but still is jaw-dropping.

Swifty has been talking about moving since 2013 due to several reasons but mainly because the rent in the house he lives raises every year and it got to the point where is just too high. Second reason is views on YouTube are going down and adblock users are going up which translates to less money rolling in.

It is until now that things are starting to take shape and this looks like a promising year for him. Here is what we know based on the video and the times Swifty has talked about it:

  • 2 floors
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Living room
  • Dining room (he plans to put a pool table, yeah weird)
  • Huge kitchen
  • 1 jacuzzi
  • 1 amazing indoor pool!
  • backyard

Sweet huh?

We also know that this an sponsored house, yeah we said sponsored! That means someone is paying for the house whether being rented or purchased AND even if views on YouTube are slow sponsors are still willing to support Swifty. This man gotta be a money making machine!

Looks like they are scheduled to move in on April 15th and if the house is actually being sponsored then money won’ t be an issue. Get ready for the “gaming house 2.0” !

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