Swifty and Azi break up?

Swifty Azi Break Up

Swifty and Azi are DONE…

The famous Darkspear warrior tweeted the break up today saying my girlfriend for a year “Azi” and i broke up yesterday, feeling kind of down. Not sure if i will live stream tonight.

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He did not comment anything else that day although rumor has it Swifty did mention the break up on subsequent live streams but  nothing too revealing as to what went down leading to the break up.


swifty and azi breakup Tweet

swifty and azi breakup Tweet

The couple had been dating for about a year so the question is why did swifty and azi break up?

It is unclear if Swifty breaks up with Azi OR Azi breaks up with Swifty… but as we all know when it comes to personal business swifty is pretty hermetic. Remember the Rico Swifty beef? Well if you do you will know Rico was the one who spilled all of it in a video in his channel while all Swifty said was “I respect people’s privacy”.

Azi’s first most known appearance was in a Harlem Shake video by Swift on his IRL channel (swiftyIRL) and since the beginning the fans called her a “gold digger”. You be the judge!


  1. Eagorath

    June 13, 2015 at 5:11 am

    I know why they broke up, and it was in prior that even friends of Swifty didn’t like Azi to much.. some even threatned to leave his life because they were “displeased” with her attitude, I do not know which of them that dropped the bomb, or IF they talked it out like adults do.. but I know that swifty was the one seeming most hurt after the breakup.

    • im_buttman

      July 25, 2015 at 2:08 pm

      So you are saying thats why paco, george and all other friends of swifty quit being friends? because of retarded azi?? if so that explains a lot

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