Nintendo is coming to a smart phone near you. In a partnership with DeNA, major Japenese mobile gaming company Nintendo will be developing brand new games for smartphones.

But don’t expect the games you played as a kid to show up. Nintendo is creating a whole new catalog of games. So, while Super Mario Bros won’t be showing up on your smartphone anytime soon, don’t think for a second you’ll be disappointed.

First off, while a mobile game might sometimes translate well to a console, the opposite is true when a console game moves to a mobile platform. Console games are assembled around the precise and complex mechanisms of the controller and while a console game may run on a mobile device, the controller emulation isn’t ideal. Besides, console games tend to be played for hours, while phones and tablets are played for shorter periods of time and are constantly being interrupted by calls and the like.


Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t play a complex game on a smart phone or tablet, but they’re usually built around the hardware—phone or tablets—from the beginning.

With DeNA’s assistance, Nintendo will be building these games exclusively for mobile devices and that’s awesome. Drawing upon their legendary roster of heroes and villains, Nintendo has the capability of creating an incredible amount of new stories that will add to their character’s legendary status. Expect to see Mario make an appearance in a brand new light and get ready to be as thrilled as when you played as Mario for the first time!

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