Red HearthSteed Mount


As GES previously reported Blizzard released a new mount in World of Warcraft for all players who play Hearthstone and win 3 games in arena or play mode against other random players.

Right now we have an awesome looking blue Hearthsteed to ride around and many folks really like the it, and heck they’re right, it’s pretty badass!

But more individuals are asking for the red hearthsteed version now, a version that has only been datamined. Players inaccurately guessed that simply because a blue and red version were released in the game files there would be an Alliance mount and a Horde mount, wrong!

This spread like crazy and now all the WoW community is talking about it, problem is the mount is not being used, yet… per Cory Stockton’s tweet below.

Our guess is that it will probably be used at some other time — a number of sources are pointing at Diablo III upcoming expansion. We will just have to wait and see, it will be here eventually, it’s too awesome not to be!



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