Making Six Figures For Playing Video Games

Professional video game players making six figure income

Anyone who plays video games has probably wished that they could ditch the drudgery of modern life, and just make a living doing what they love to do: play video games. And, believe it or not, it is possible to do; however, before you go and quit your day job, or drop out of school – keep reading about the real world of professional video game players.

While there are a lot of people involved in the industry, making money from things like design, programming, and game testing, there are only a selected few who make a six figure income playing video games.

One of the lucky few who is pulling in six figures per year is Seong-Hun, but his gaming handle is “Polt”. However, “lucky” is not an accurate term to describe Polt’s rise to gaming fame; he works hard – very hard, practicing for six to eight hours every day, and earning a salary to do so.

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Gaming is a hugely growing industry, with competitions increasing from just 9,000 or so in 2011, to around 47,500 in 2014. These statistics come from Battlefy, a company that develops software for e-sporting competition management. These e-sports competitions are held all over the world, and come in a range of sizes. They range from small, local tournaments, to something the size of the League of Legends world championship, which is being held this month — an event that is to be held in the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, which seats 60,000 people.

League Of Legends World Championship 2013

League Of Legends World Championship 2013

You might wonder who is watching these professional gamers compete? How is it that some of them can earn six figures playing video games? There is actually an enormous audience for these kinds of events, with over 71 million viewers watching video games either on TV or online; yes, that is watching video games, not only playing them.

A scene that was until recently regarded by many as a passing fad, or somewhat of a novelty, is starting to find some serious backing. Professional gamers can be likened to professional athletes in many ways; the action might be happening on-screen, but that’s almost as far as the differences go. Just as in events like NASCAR, pro gamers are paid by businesses to represent them, and to market their goods. Companies like Cooler Master and Razer are willing to spend big dollar so that fans see their keyboards, headsets, and gaming equipment being used by the very best.

If you want proof that this industry is big, look at the viewing statistics of the League of Legends championship from last year, which was watched by 32 million people – compared to the 26 million people who watched the NBA finals on TV. These gamers take their business serious, just like any athlete would, and there are no signs that the gaming scene is going to slow down anytime soon.

The best gamers garner countless fans, earn big bucks, and have the respect and admiration from people all over the world. They are not just like stars – they are genuine stars. Life at the top is not easy, however, and it takes a lot of practice and dedication to become good enough to make a comfortable living playing games.

For many, simply winning small competitions and becoming officially “ranked” is all they can hope for; but for the majority, it’s more than enough to make them happy. Do you have what it takes to become an international video game playing superstar? Gamers like Polt might be at the top for now, but there is always a new wave of youngsters, ready to try and become the best.