League of Legends Not Coming to Other Consoles, says Riot Games

League of Legends Not Coming to Other Platforms, says Riot Games

When Microsoft announced their partnership with Tencent, rumors were rampant that League of Legends would be making the jump to the Xbox One console. Unfortunately, those rumors have been shut down by the game’s developer Riot Games. Riot Games has confirmed that there are no plans at this time to branch out the game to other platforms.

Instead, Riot Games says its focus remains on ensuring that League of Legends “plays great” on the current Mac/PC platforms. While LoL purists are sure to be ecstatic, several fans are sure to be profoundly disappointed the extremely popular MOBA is not making the jump to their home gaming consoles. What is good news is that when Windows 10 is released later in 2015, Riot Games’ League of Legends, Tencent’s Crossfire, and more of its popular titles will be available in the Windows store.

When Tencent—China’s leading internet service provider—purchased a large portion of Riot Games, Brandon Beck (CEO of Riot Games) welcomed the partnership because of the opportunity for additional means of maintaining the popular MOBA, and assisting in developing innovative new projects, so hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Having said that, League of Legends not coming to consoles is a surprising move, particularly considering the success of MOBA titles Chaos and Heroes Order. And don’t forget Smite’s leap into the console market. On the other hand, in keeping with PC and Mac, resources that would be taken away as a result of branching out to different platforms are staying put. Moreover, if the amount of resources dedicated to League of Launch on PC and Mac remain steady of increase, there will be no slow down if a vital patch fix is required.

In the meantime, League of Legends is still—and shall remain—free to play.

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