Hunter Transmog Guide – ScourgeStalker Battle Gear


Today we bring you an amazingly easy World of Warcraft hunter transmog step-by-step guide!

Make sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post covering all the steps of getting the Scourgestalker Battlegear.

Part I

First off you will need 3492 Justice points for the head, chest, legs, belt, gloves and feet pieces of this set. Here is a break down of each items and the cost:

  • Head 770 Justice Points
  • Chest 770 Justice Points
  • Legs 770 Justice Points
  • Belt 487 Justice Points
  • Gloves 487 Justice Points
  • Feet 208 Justice Points

You have the points already? Great, lets go for the head and chest pieces of the sourgestalker battlegear, we first need the tokens in order to exchange them for the actual items.

Head over to Dalaran and talk to Arcanist Firael if you are alliance or Magister Sarien if you are horde. See images below to find the NPCs according to faction.

Alliance – Horde

NPC-1024x913click to enlarge

Once you locate the corresponding NPC (Arcanist Firael Alliance / Magister Sarien Horde) purchase the head and chest tokens and while you are it also purchase the legs, belt and hand pieces.

In order to exchange the tokens you just purchased visit Bragund Brightlink at “Lagrom’s Leather and Link” in Dalaran. Yes, that’s right next to the ever-resurrecting squirrel that always gets killed !

Bragund Brightlinkclick to enlarge

Talk to Brangund and with the tokens purchase the and

Recap: So far we have the head, chest, legs, belt and gloves (quick huh?) but we still need the shoulders, boots and bow so get ready for part 2!

Part II

Sit tight because we still have have the shoulders, boots and bow to go! Lets do this thing!

The Scourgestalker Battlegear does not have a pair of boots for itself so you can choose to wear any boots you like. Personally I went with which can be purchased from in the Isle of Quel’Danas. Check her location below:

Kayri Isle of queldanas copia

As far as the bow is concerned there are several options and to be honest they all look great. My personal choice was the but there plenty of bows to choose from. Choose wisely!

Last but not least the single piece that makes this set look completely bad-ass, the shoulders! Unlike all other pieces in this guide the shoulders OR the token needed cannot be purchased from a vendor with justice points.

In order to get the shoulder piece you will need to go on Ulduar 25 and kill if you are lucky he will drop on the first attempt. Once you manage to get that token go to in Dalaran and purchase

Make Sure To Check The Video Guide

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