HeartStone Beta – What is HearthStone?


Sure by now you’ve heard of Hearstone and most likely know that it is an online trading card game… but would like to know more?

We had the privilege to be selected for the Hearthstone Beta (at the moment only available through invitation) and have had a crazy amount of fun!

We compiled some characteristics / facts about Hearthstone in the hope that if you are new to the game you know what some of the features are

HearthStone features / characteristics:

  • Hearthstone is an online trading card game based in the world of Warcraft universe.
  • Blizzard announced it will be free-to -play.
  • You will be able purchase packs of cards with real money or in-game gold (gold is earned by completing quests).
  • Plans to release on Android and iPhone were announced in November 2013, with a release date sometime in the second half of 2014.
  • An official released date has not been announced, yet…

This is what we know so far since it was announced only two days ago. Updates will be published as more information becomes available.

One last thought. If you liked Yu-Gi- OH! and Magic then you will fall in love with HearthStone! 🙂

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