Guerrilla Games Announces HORIZON: ZERO DAWN E3 2015

horizon: zero dawn

Today Sony unveiled Horizon : Zero Dawn, a new action game developed by Guerrilla Games, during its Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

The post-apocalypse game features a war between man and machine, with cybernetic wildlife on the roam against humans. The game resembles an ice-age tundra, where disparate tribes of humans have begun to rebuild and create new societies after an apocalypse.

In gameplay footage taken directly from the PlayStation 4 show Aloy, a young outcast from a tribal society, who has learned to hunt dinosaur-like beasts in a post-apocalyptic setting that mixes futuristic enemies and weaponry with beautiful, untamed wilderness.

The woman stalks her giant prey using a stealth mechanic similar to Assassin’s Creed. She fires explosive arrows from a high-tech bow, attacking the robot’s weak points, before pinning it down with ropes to land the killing shot.

Guerrilla Game, based out of Amsterdam, is best known for the PlayStation-exclusive “Killzone” series. This is the first new IP that Guerrilla has shown since Killzone.

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