Gaming For Good Reaches $10 Million In Donations

Gamingforgood charity

What a tremendous way to end the year! Gaming For Good has reached the goal of raising $10 million dollars for the kids in Africa.

What seemed to be an impossible task was achieved thanks to the gaming community worldwide and Athene the self-proclaimed “best gamer in the world” also known as “the best paladin in the world” in World of Warcraft.

This renowned gamer joined forces with Save The Children (, a nonprofit organization in Connecticut that focuses on saving children at social risk, to help feed the kids in Africa.

Countless hours of live streaming on, YouTube videos, partnerships with gaming brands, hundreds of donations, and a great strategy to bring gamers together under one flag, the children.

So, what is this strategy you talk about GES? Well people who joined the cause and donated were (and are) able to get free games by earning points, this off-course caused a surge in donations.

But reaching the crazy amount of $10 million was no piece of cake! There were those who repeatedly sabotaged Athene’s transmissions on, there were those who performed denial of service attacks ( DDOS ), and even those who on several occasions attempted to discredit Athene and Save the Children accusing them of fraud.

In spite of all the difficulties it was possible to complete the task, but this is not over yet. This upcoming 2014 is around the corner and it seems that the goal for next year will be $10 million and even more!

We at GES are pretty excited as to what Athene, Save The Children and the gaming community will do in 2014!

See for yourself how Athene and gamers all around the world are contributing positively and most important helping children! 🙂

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