First 3 Time IEM Title Holder


In an epic finale Kim “herO” Joon Ho of CJ Entus made history by becoming the first 3 time Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) title holder. Just when Jung “Rain” Yoon Jong was leading the game 3 to 1 herO made an incredible comeback and won 4 to 3.

Game 1 saw herO build a Stargate, allowing it to be scouted, then producing only one phoenix before going stalker / immortal. Rain logically went for a stalker all-in in response, which herO easily defended from the high ground on the natural.


Then it was Rain’s turn in game 2, throwing herO off with a probe scout before a Dark Templar build order win.

The third map was Foxtrot Labs where herO catched Rain’s mothership core out of position and went for stalker aggression but Rain held brilliantly. A few minutes later, a warp prism did tremendous economic damage, evening the match.

Later, at 19 minutes, both players economies are in tatters, but Rain manages to defend a colossus heavy push with zealots and immortal control, then storms his way back with templar tech and storm drops, winning the low econ game to move ahead 2-1.

More Rain storms follow on Merry Go Round, where storm drops prove fatal to herO’s economy. Rain moves to match point, but herO isn’t done yet.

Match 5 takes place on Overgrowth, and herO out-upgraded and out controlled Rain and attacked into Rain’s enveloping defense to keep his tournament hopes alive.