E3 2015: Heroes Of The Storm Eternal Conflict – Expansion Announced


Blizzard Entertainment’s Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder announced Heroes Of The Storm Eternal Conflict tonight at the E3 Gaming PC Show. This is the first expansion on the game and will be coming on June 30th and going to PTR next week.

The content for the next several months will be mostly related to Diablo, the Skeleton King for instance is one of the new heroes on this expansion. One of the features on the game that seemed pretty cool is the treasure goblin from Diablo 3 that will spawn on battle grounds in the first 30 seconds before the gates lift allowing players to attempt to kill it and get some bonus gold.

The monk, also from Diablo 3, is one of the new heroes and according to Dustin Browder is still in early development but will be the first Diablo support character coming to the game. We know from Dustin that it will be very agile, mobile, will be able to heal friends and just very versatile overall.

Check it out on 1080p:

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