Attention Mario Fans! Mario is Coming to Your Smartphone!

Super Mario on your smartphone?

In a recent announcement, Nintendo said they will be developing their line of Super Mario games on smartphones. While the company has been extremely resistant to this trend, mobile gaming is currently the fastest growing genre of gaming and has already taken the lion’s share of the market.

Currently, mobile games represent around 58% of the marketplace when compared to other devices such as Xbox, Desktop computers and web browsers. Needless to say this has left companies like Nintendo in a rough spot for revenues.

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Nintendo has reached a deal with DeNa, a Japanese mobile game development company, to release some of the latest Super Mario titles on Android and iPhone instead of the traditional Wii U and Nintendo 3DS route.

This represents a significant shift in marketing and sales for the company. While the company previously focused on using their games to sell their own devices, the mobile revolution has forced them to reconsider. It is an alarming turn of events given how resilient Nintendo has been to developing their games on third party devices.

The new games will be available more to the general public rather than only to those who buy Nintendo consoles and devices, making it appealing to a much broader market. Their games will also come with a membership service. While the details of this product are very sparse right now, DeNa has invested a significant amount of their resources into Nintendo’s new project and has even allowed Nintendo to purchase 10% of their company, valued at 22 billion yen or 182 million dollars.

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  1. hot_akamustard

    March 18, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    it was about time Nintendo! geez

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